bodySHIFT is about freedom of movement in all directions and dimensions, body, mind and soul. It is a fascinating journey into personal transformation through balanced, individualized physical fitness, whole health, creativity and body awareness. It is about aspiring to consciously grow and evolve, experiencing yourself in a new way and connecting to your own vitality and uniqueness. It is about continually creating your own Self, on your own terms, based on your own life’s pathway.
bodySHIFT, through its creator, trainer and practitioner LEANNE DIXON, offers Personal Training in Pilates Mat and Physical Fitness, Body Awareness and Movement sessions through the bodyRADIANT program and Energy Healing treatments. The SHIFT philosophy of Spirituality, Health, Imagination, Fitness and Transformation is intrinsically a part of all the services that are offered. bodySHIFT recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and strives for health and wellness based on this personal foundation. It encourages fitness and health from the inside outwards paying attention to individual sensate experience within, as opposed to accepted societal standards of outer appearance. Each person’s goals can encompass many different aspects, so bodySHIFT specifically designs programs to accommodate this. Whether you are looking for Pilates training, Energy Work, help with a Fitness program, a greater connection to your physical, Creative self or a combination of any of these services, Leanne will work with you to help you realize your goals and facilitate your explorations. bodySHIFT encourages all ages and fitness levels, and recognizes the beauty in diversity of all body shapes and sizes, backgrounds and life experiences.

Please view each page for greater details of what services are offered to get you started on your journey!