Leanne is a Certified Can-Fit Pro Personal Trainer and Certified STOTT Pilates Mat Instuctor, a Body Awareness and Movement Teacher, Energy Practitioner, Modern Dancer, and has been a recreational participant in Marathons and Triathlons. She has been working, training and exploring the fields of Fitness, Pilates, Dance and Energy Healing for over 20 years.

She offers private and semi-private training sessions in Physical Fitness with a strong foundation in the core strengthening techniques of the Pilates method, as well as Body Awareness/Movement sessions and Energy Treatments. She also offers the full Pilates Mat Repertoire for those who want to work exclusively with the Pilates method. Trained as a Modern Dancer at the School of the Toronto Dance Theatre (1989-1992), she has studied, created, performed and taught various Dance and Theatre techniques in Canada and abroad. She has participated recreationally in Marathons and Triathlons and spent two years learning the Pilates reformer and mat work before taking the teacher training course through STOTT Pilates. In her late teens she also worked as a Lifeguard and a Bicycle Courier, honing her skills in swimming and cycling. She has remained current in her fitness knowledge and training skills through her ongoing certification with Can-Fit Pro.

Leanne has also created a unique and challenging body awareness and movement class called bodyRADIANT geared to anyone who wants to explore their physicality on a deeper and more personally creative level, improve their performance skills on stage or enhance any part of their life. Her sessions incorporate body awareness, grounding, presence exercises and techniques drawn from theatre, voice, improvisation, music and contemporary dance. She also uses the techniques and principles drawn from the avant-garde Japanese art form of Butoh dance which she has studied intensively in her dance career.

In the realm of the Spiritual, she works through the medium of Energy, incorporating soul work and transformation. She studied at the Transformational Arts College, and for three years participated in energy workshops, week-long retreats and Kundalini Yoga classes. She most recently completed her two year apprenticeship in Energy Work with Master Energy Healer Denis Chagnon and also received a Certificate in Level I and II Sensory Healing with Yogi Hari Nam Singh Khalsa.

  • Certified Can-Fit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist
  • Certified STOTT Pilates Mat Repertoire Instructor 
  • 6 years Pilates Reformer/Mat teaching
  • Marathon and Triathlon Participant
  • School of the Toronto Dance Theatre 3 year
       Professional Training Program
  • 15 Years Professional Dance Experience
  • Ongoing Professional Development in Physical
       Improvisation, Theatre, Voice, Butoh
  • CPR certified  
  • 2 year Apprenticeship with Master Healer
         Denis Chagnon
  • Level I and II Sensory Healing Certification with
       Hari Nam Singh Khalsa
  • Study at Transformational Arts College 
  • 2 years participation in monthly Energy Group      
        work practice sessions
  • 1 year Kundalini Yoga Training, Healing Arts Centre

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology/Psychology,
      Graduate with Distinction