We all have blocks or blind spots in our body/minds that sometimes keep us in a holding pattern and prevent us from growing in all aspects of our evolutionary journey. And yes they can rear their ugly heads when we are doing our workouts (all the internal voices of self-judgement, “you can’t do this” “this is a bad idea”, “I’m not worth this”, “I have to stop now” etc) however when they do, the positive side is that you now have an opportunity to identify them and work through them using your physical body as your jumping off point. Most often they are related to a bigger picture in your evolution and manifest in many other areas of your life as well.

These habits or “blind spots” may begin to appear and become more apparent to you and/or me as perhaps aspects of yourself that are getting in your way or blocking you from progressing. We can “plateau” because we are simply ready for a greater physical challenge, but often we’ll come to a place where it seems our progress and our motivation to continue comes to an almost complete standstill. There is always the choice to delve into a deeper level and explore where these blocks are rooted and ways to move through them. I believe this is a crucial part of the process, and ultimately an understanding of these aspects of yourself will allow you to become more independent of me as your trainer. It will provide you with the tools to self-monitor and self-motivate as well as have a more profound understanding of your own body/mind connection.


The wonderful thing about using the physicality is that it helps expedite parts of ourselves to the surface from the profound knowledge of our body into our consciousness. We can analyze for ten years the reasons why we have become overweight or why we don’t want to take care of our bodies, we can blame others for lack of success or our problems etc, however until the mind and body make the connection, often the pattern will continue to repeat itself. The physical/energetic you has not yet made a shift. In other words, the pattern continues to literally remain stuck in your body both physically, energetically and emotionally.


The body/mind shift is of your choosing. I cannot make it happen for you, however as your trainer I can help facilitate your process as you manifest the shift within yourself. You can do this in many different ways, all of which are helpful on different levels and will be unique to you and what most seems to fit your personality. For example, identifying the voices that come up when you workout or move and actively engaging a private dialogue to suss out the roots of your thinking through journaling, talking with a close friend or partner or if you feel trusting enough, with me, can help you identify more clearly your patterns and blocks. Bringing consciousness to a new level through heightened body-awareness is a good stepping stone, especially if the blocks are new or unfamiliar to you. You may also choose to explore your body/mind/spirit more deeply with Energy Work and through BodyRADIANCE sessions (view those sections for more details). The main focus is, of course, on your own personal evolution, and it is up to you.