The bodyRadiant process, created by Leanne Dixon, is a culmination of over 20 years of movement exploration and creation offering training that incorporates body awareness, creativity in movement in the moment, stage presence, grounding techniques, freedom of imagination and body/mind/soul connection. Originally created for stage performers including dancers, actors and opera singers, it is NOW WIDE OPEN TO ALL who crave an enriching journey into their own physical and soulful existence and want to take a mindful role in the creation of their own lives.

Drawing on exercises from Modern Dance, Improvisation, Voice, Theatre, Kundalini Yoga, Music, Energy Work and Butoh, it encourages the participant to fully engage in the blissful experience of the present moment, using their physical body as a tool to help actively engage the imagination and imagination to help actively engage the body.

Being fully present in our bodies allows us to be fully present in our current lives whether it be the life on stage or in the “real” world. Too often we are way ahead of ourselves worrying about the future, what comes next and what needs to get done, or stuck in the past rethinking what we should have done, the way it used to be, or why things aren’t the same anymore. We then often make choices that are limited and narrow in scope as we have blocked out the limitless opportunities of what lies directly in front of us in the present moment. This is a result of our personal patterns and habits that we have reinforced time and again within ourselves for years, literally diverting us from the sparkling diamonds before our eyes and reverting us back to what we know and use without even thinking about it twice. These choices in turn shape our lives. And since the patterns and habits remain the same, things do perpetuate themselves and we find ourselves repeating things in our lives that perhaps aren’t useful to us anymore. Or worse, harmful.

To be present means we are ready to accept each given moment at face value. That sounds relatively easy. Or is it? How often to we view our circumstances, our surroundings with fresh eyes? How often do we just settle into what we think we already know? The tricky part comes to breaking the habits and patterns within ourselves so that we have the openness and responsiveness to make creative and pertinent observations and choices as we proceed along our life’s path. How do we remain in the moment and take the opportunity to gaze upon the sparkle of diamonds before us? How do we break our countless patterns and habits? 

bodyRADIANT provides opportunities to make your own “dance of discovery”. It provides tools to dissolve habitual patterns and explore a deeper more profound existence within yourself (or that of the character you are playing). It seeks to bring to the surface what is buried beneath years of conditioned behaviour and thought processes and extricate the “pure life” which lies dormant in our bodies. It teaches participants how to truly listen within and to truly notice what is around them and then make creative choices from this standpoint. It asks each person to pay attention and brings to life intuition, energetic awareness, playfulness, imagination and curiosity that exists within themselves. 

This is an excellent process for actors, singers, dancers and performance artists of all types. It helps facilitate breakthroughs in performance habits and patterns that limit performers on stage, assists in body awareness and physical character development and opens up the world on stage through freedom and creativity in the moment. 

Similarly, it is equally effective for anyone who wants to explore various aspects of themselves and grow consciously through the freedom of their own unique physicality, imagination and creative Self.  

bodyRADIANT sessions can be taken individually by those who want one on one guidance and specific tailoring to their own needs and desires for either personal or professional development.

bodyRADIANT is also offered in an “intensive” format with one or two week duration periods (5 or 10 days) for training and professional development in Companies and Schools.

bodyRADIANT is run as an ongoing weekly class in a ten week period, several times a year.