If you are wanting to consciously grow or work through an emotional difficulty or treat a specific illness, relate to your life in a more spiritual way or simply learn to work with energy, then energy treatments are definitely something to consider!

Deeply relaxing, healing and enlightening, energy treatments can transform your body, mind and soul onto countless new levels and experiences, and facilitates SHIFT in many different ways. It can expand your potential exponentially in all directions imaginable....and beyond what most of us imagine is possible.

Treatments offer a serene, peaceful and protective atmosphere so that you can enter a deeply relaxed state. This promotes gentle energy flow and facilitates the energetic transformations to take place


In my practice it is a hands-on and/or hands-off technique of tuning in with the energy flow in a client’s body, sensing where there is blockage in the flow (much of which is centred around the seven major energy centres or chakras in the body and in the auric field) and then as a practitioner helping to facilitate the unblocking, so that a balanced and even flow can be established. The blockages in our bodies tend to fragment us in that they disrupt the whole, balanced flow within ourselves, removing us from our natural state of inner harmony. They are generally emotionally or trauma based and can have been there for many many years, so it is a gentle process of releasing that held energy in small increments at a time.

My job as your practitioner involves becoming an open channel of high frequency universal energy or light vibration which in turn flows through my hands and energy field into you. As the light energy begins to build up and expand in your body, it enhances your ability to “break through” stuck or held energy within yourself. As the flow begins and balance eventually becomes restored, you become whole again, instead of fragmented. Your wholeness becomes present to you and you in turn become present. 


Energy work is also a healing journey in as much as those fragmented and blocked parts of yourself are addressed, acknowledged and released. The blocks can result from held emotions, stress, emotional and physical trauma and life experiences that have had a profound effect on us. If this energy is held in the body for too long, we can become sick. Illness and disease can settle into the physical body. Our organs and tissues take the hit for an unattended to body and spirit. Depression, cancer, heart problems, chronic pain, and other ailments that affect our health detrimentally are all a part of our energetic existence, body and soul. To address these on a body/soul level alongside traditional medical treatment is to address the entire picture of ourselves, not just a partial one. Therefore, Energy work does not replace traditional medicine however as a complimentary treatment, it is highly effective.


Energy work is soul exploration and connection and is very much a Spiritual journey. The  deeper you engage with the energy, the more present and whole you will become. The more present you become the more you are able to learn how to tune into your own soul. It involves all of you in one beautiful dance of energy within and without. 

As you continue the process, your consciousness evolves and your soul grows. That which was once unconscious becomes conscious and your sense of awareness is heightened. The possibilities are infinite as the journey continues and your ability to tune into more and more within yourself and beyond yourself expands. 

Energy work is about learning about your Self and the connection you have to the greater universal whole. It is about becoming reconnected with all and everything. Integration of Self and your soul path in the context of the Universal Network where everything and everyone is connected and nothing exists in isolation. You expand as much as you want to and feel the vastness of who you are in relation to all else!

  • Hands-on/off energy/light/vibration treatment
  • Grounding techniques 
  • Relaxation techniques 
  • Guided meditations
  • Imagery
  • Chanting
  • Prayer
  • Music