Leanne is a terrific personal trainer - patient, inspiring, supportive, and very knowledgeable. She worked carefully with me to design a program that is ideally suited to my needs, integrating cardio fitness, strength training, and pilates. She makes sure that each session builds on our previous work while also incorporating new elements to help push me to the next level. The workouts challenge and motivate me in exactly the ways I had hoped. I have also benefited from Leanne's energy work. I have already recommended her to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so. She is wonderful!
DR. KATHERINE R. LARSON, Assistant Professor
Department of English, University of Toronto Scarborough
Leanne is a very understanding, conscientious instructor.

She was adept at coaxing me to renewed health.

Two years ago, I contracted Lyme disease. As Lyme can damage the fascia, ligaments and tendons at the joints, I was left with weakened joints, a decreased range of motion and a loss of muscular strength. Walking was painful.

Leanne began by working slowly to increase my flexibility, strength and agility. The pain eased and gradually I regained the range of motion in my shoulders, neck and legs.

Leanne is attentive and aware of personal limitations. She was careful to remind me not to overdo the exercises. With her patience and constant guidance I am now attending a weekly class which she teaches and I am able to do the exercises at home as well.

I can now walk for long stretches of time. Not only has Leanne helped me to gain an increased range of motion but also I have renewed strength as the tone in my muscles has come back.

Life is good. Thanks Leanne
Leanne is a great Pilates instructor. She is focused and patient. She tailors the class to your personal needs. In my case chronic foot problems. Pilates has really helped. They cramp less and are more flexible. Leanne's warmth and encouragement makes me look forward to each class. Your are in good caring hands with Leanne. Her studio is a relaxing environment - it's a beautiful space, which reflects her calm energy. I love the outdoor vista and cool breeze. While, I am relatively new to Pilates, I can already see and more importantly feel so much progress in my strength and range of motion. A huge benefit has been the reduction in my stress. I also feel much stronger when playing other sports. I can see a big improvement in my core strength.
I’ve known Leanne for 5 years. She has worked for our organization, Highlands Opera Studio, for the past 3 summers as a movement coach working with young professional-level opera singers. Not only have I found Leanne to be a wonderful, open, giving, conscientious person, but a thoughtful and philosophically flexible teacher, always considering individuals and how best to reach them with what she has to impart.
VALERIE KUINKA, Co-Artistic Director, Highlands Opera Studio
An acknowledgement of soul, a compassionate elevation of spirit, this is what happens each time Leanne places her hands on me. A truly gifted healer.